segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2016

Nova Classe Para Savage Flower Kingdom


Small and cheerful, Halflings are curious, suspicious and extremely courageous beings. When they hear the call of adventure your stealth skill and luck make them great adventurers.

HP: 1d6+8 CP: 7
Skill: Small, and Pick 1 Skill (reserved or not)
Reserved Skills- Stealth, Bravery, Drunken Master, Negotiator, Lucky One

New Skills
*Stealth- Add +1 do Physical rolls to hide, move in silence and surprise others (+2 when mastered).
*Bravery- Add +1 to Mental rolls against fear effects (+2 when mastered).
Small- Small character cannot use 2 hand weapons and add +1 to atack and defense against enemies larger than a human.

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